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Faucet Repair & Replacement

Faucets are a key part of your home for an obvious reason: They dispense water. Therefore, keeping your faucets in working condition is of great importance. A number of things can go wrong with your faucets, from leaks to noise. Sometimes you’ll need to replace a faucet altogether to solve the problem…


Fixtures: Sinks, Tubs, Showers & Sinks

Remnants of dirt, debris, and soap that are not rinsed down the drain can harden on the surface of a bathtub or shower, forming a residue. Limiting the amount of residue is important because mildew often grows in areas where residue is not properly removed. Also, areas that are prone to water infiltration should be…


Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal, also known as waste disposal unit or garburator, is a device underneath a sink that shreds food waste so that it can pass through plumbing. A garbage disposal is a great way to keep the smells of old garbage out of your garbage cans and kitchen.Keep anything too hard out of the disposal…


Sewer & Drain Cleaning

In years past, dig points were much a matter of educated guesswork. Now, with sewer video cameras and locating equipment, it is a simple matter of calling for a sewer video inspection and locating the block.​Pipeline video inspection is a form of telepresence used to visually inspect the interiors of pipelines…


Slab Leaks

Locating leaks non-destructively requires the use of modern tools such as electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators. With the proper equipment, leaks can be found and repaired with minimal disruption to property. Some cases, only a single floor tile needs to be removed and replaced…

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Clogged drains are just part of the joy of indoor plumbing. The good news is that you can troubleshoot the issues and prevent them from happening again, including chronic problems.Most bathroom drain clogs result when dirt, skin flakes, and especially hair binds to soap scum on the walls of drain pipes…


Toilet Repairs & Replacements

Don’t treat your toilets as a universal garbage disposal. Just because a product is called disposable or flushable doesn’t mean it should be flushed down the toilet. Keep a waste paper basket in the bathroom for such things as facial tissues, gum, all sanitary products, bandages and paper towels.


Water Filters

As a fundamental element in your daily life, it’s important to understand potential hazards in your water. While some contaminants can affect tastes and clarity, others can be far more detrimental to your family’s health. It’s important to understand the potential health risks in your water so you can evaluate…


Water Heaters

A water heater leak may seem like just a minor nuisance, but it can quickly turn into a big problem. Even a small amount of water will cause damage to your floors, sub-floors, and walls. Keep in mind that water heater leaking may be a symptom of a much larger problem. In extreme cases, a catastrophic…