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Bathroom & Kitchen Plumbing Remodeling

The plumbing in your home is virtually an invisible system, but without it, the home would be uninhabitable. The system that brings you fresh water is important. You drink it, you cook with it, you wash clothes with it, you shower in it, you water your flowers with it. The system removes the dirty dishwater, soapy laundry water, shower, sink and toilet outflow is just as important. Integrity Plumbing’s services keep your plumbing working at peak efficiency.


We at Integrity Plumbing maintain and repair plumbing systems. But we also provide services when plumbing needs to be replaced, or reconfigured. We also remodel kitchens and bathrooms.


Home owners often want to redo or reconfigure a kitchen. This might be to better accommodate someone with a disability, to improve convenience, or to achieve a more contemporary feel. Integrity Plumbing can redo or completely renew a kitchen’s plumbing. Or we can add a particular feature such as a water filter or garbage disposal. We work well with other contractors in larger remodeling projects.


People may want to renovate bathrooms. This may be an adjustment for the special needs imposed by aging, or to use new, more water-efficient toilets and showers, or to renovate an old facility so it looks and feels up to date. Just as with kitchen projects, Integrity Plumbing undertakes any project from installing a new toilet to a compete make-over. Integrity Plumbing will assist home owners in developing a plan that will be turned into another successful project.


Our motto is “Clean, professional, dependable service.” Our customer ratings tell us that we live up to that motto in every project we undertake. You’ll know what we are doing every step of the way, and you won’t get any unpleasant surprises in your bill. Our technicians are trained, experienced and insured. Integrity is in our name!